Discovery of Galactic Patrol

Chapter Info
Viz Title The Galactic Patrolman's Discovery
Chapter 2
Previous Galaxy Patrol to Earth
Next Galaxy Patrol Ship
Arc Earth Crash Arc
Characters Katayude, Agent Assistants
Machines & Tools Government Agent's Boat


Jaco reveals that he once used the Extinction Bomb and wiped out a planet with it, but got harsh scolding. Omori then asks him to carry the spaceship, and notes the formers strength despite his height. Jaco gets offended, saying that he is the 3rd tallest out of the 38 Galactic Patrolman. Jaco then notices that people are coming, and Omori is worried it was because of the crash the previous night. Jaco then goes to hide, and a man walks to the island. He introduces himself as Katayude, a goverment agent. He reveals that he is here to expel Omori from the island, saying that it will become a resort for politicians. Omori attempts to negotiate, but Katayude does not change his mind, stating that he has only one week to leave peacefully, or he will be forced off and possibly arrested, and then leaves. While sailing away, Katayude notices Jaco standing on the cliff, wondering what he is. Jaco admits that he heard the entire conversation.

When Jaco comes down, Omori tells him that Katayude wanted something else, and they both agree he is a jerk, resulting in Jaco throwing a rock at his boat. Jaco asks Omori about a strange object he saw when looking from the cliff, and Omori reveals its a time machine. He explains that it speeds up how one experiences time, which makes it look paused. He also reveals that he was going to use it to try and stop the accident from happening. At the end, Katayude and his assistants are in a lifeboat, wondering how the ship broke.