"I will give you one week. If you do not wish to be taken off this island by force or be arrested, please leave by that deadline."
— Katayude warning Omori to leave the island, Chapter 2, page 8
Kanji 固茹
Rōmaji Katayude
Species Human
Gender Male
Occupation Government Officer
Manga Chapter 2

Katayude is a government agent. Due to his actions, he is an antagonist of the Earth Crash arc.


Katayude is willing to follow the government's orders no matter what, as he told Omori that he had to get off the island, even when he begged to stay on it. He didn't seem to care when Omori explained that his wifes grave was on it,[1] or that he contributed to the scientific development of the capital.[2]


Earth Crash arcEdit

Katayude comes to the island on a boat. He introduces himself as Katayude, from the government. At first, Omori believes that he saw the crash last night, but he reveals he is here to expel Omori from the island. The goverment plans to turn the island into a resort facility for politicians. Even when Omori negotiates, he warns that he has one week to leave the island peacefully or be taken forcefully and possibly arrested.

Later, when he is in his boat, he notices a strange figure on the top of the cliff. After, Jaco throws a rock at the boat and destroys it, forcing he and his crew to go onto a lifeboat.

East Capital arcEdit

He is seen watching TV when he sees Jaco. Remembering he saw him on Omori's island, he comes to arrest Omori.


  • Katayude means "hard-boiled" in Japanese.

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