Monster Shark
Monster Shark
Kanji オバケ鮫
Rōmaji Obake Same
Species Shark
Manga Chapter 1

Monster Shark was an enormous shark. It was a great threat to Omori, but was quickly finished off by Jaco.


Monster Shark was an enormous shark, resembling a Great White Shark. Unlike a Great White Shark, it had only four rows of teeth. The teeth in the front were larger, and presumably stronger, than than the ones in the back. Its gills were on its right side of the body. It also had spikes sticking out from the back of its body.


Monster Shark seemed to be quite aggressive and fierce, as Omori remarked that he could not go into the water at night, as the shark was in the water.[1] It also attacked Jaco the moment it saw him.[2]


Earth Crash arcEdit

It is first seen swimming towards Jaco while Jaco is carrying his spaceship. Jaco manages to outswim the shark, and Omori notes his surprise at how the former managed to get away from it. Later, Jaco goes from a swim, and Monster Shark notices him. It swims straight at Jaco, preparing to attack him, but Jaco clubs it with his hands, killing Monster Shark.
Monster Shark Dead

Monster shark, dead.


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