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He/she who fails to follow the policy shall face the consequences of their action/s.




Only nouns of significance may have a page. They become significant if they contribute to the plot, are named, or, are significant to one of the named characters.


Infoboxes are created for every page of a character, place, or tool in the story. These do not include the author or products as they are imported or insignificant to the plot, respectively. Depending on the type of noun, different Infoboxes will be used. If there is no possibility a section can be used, do not use it.


The names are created either with names from the story, or, if the character/place/tool is unnamed, will be named based on who the character is. Omori's Wife is a good example of this. Should there be a name from the story, the name must be cited. If an official name comes for an unnamed character/tool/place, the page must be renamed, as well as any link or reference to the character/tool/place.


Content must be on-topic, accurate, and written professionally. No inappropriate language, inappropriate references, or other inapporopiate material may be included. The only exception is if it's included in the plot, however, this only applies to inappropriate language.

Talk pages


All content must be about improving the character page.


No inappopriate language, inappopriate references, or other inappropriate material may be included in Talk Pages.


Vandalism is defined as, "Action involving deliberate destruction of or damage to public or private property."[1] It does not apply to users who make edits in good faith to the wiki.[2] It applies to those who make edits in bad faith to the wiki.[3] It applies to users who edit the wiki with the intention of harming the wiki. Vandalism is 100% intolerable, and he/she who vandalizes will face the consequences of their actions, which may include a ban. This is a wiki where anyone may contribute to improve it, so please don't take advantage of it.

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